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Server News

July 2017:

Clearly this post every month thing isn't working out. Anyway, news from the Crew Craft Server is back. The server has been upgraded once more and development has given us a more robust activity/sleep plugin. Skipnight will be getting an overhaul in the coming weeks too! We have added craftable mini blocks (themed player heads) that can add a bit of variety and creativity to your builds. In other news, we have opened up our server to the masses. A new forum post has been created welcoming new members to the server in hopes to expand our community.

May - November 2016:

Wow a lot has happened! As a small team, sometimes we forget to update this page. Regardless, the AFK/Sleep plugin from April has been modified in house to work with the latest version. A SkipNight voting system is in place now as well. 1.10 has come out and now 1.11. We are working diligently to upgrade to 1.11 but we are taking this opporitunity to switch our servers from Windows based to Linux based. This means better reliablity and more robust servers. Stay tuned in December when we defeat the Wither on Minecraft 1.11 hosted on a Linux server!

April 2016:

Spring is coming about. Nicer weather, no more snow days for us. Along with the changing weather, we also have a few server changes. Minecraft 1.9 has been released and we have switched to Paper Spigot which is a special fork of Spigot with more optimizations. This will not affect your playing experience as our goal is still vanilla style gameplay. All plugins have been updated or removed if incompatible to ensure an error free server. We are currently looking for a replacement AFK/Sleep plugin to replace the now obsolete plugin we had prior to 1.9.

March 2016:

This month is going to be short in terms of news. We have had a few set backs since the power at the server location is being unreliable. Work is being done to prevent this in the future. Besides this, server activity has been down, most likely due to poor uptime. I'm sorry guys. Next month will be better.

February 2016:

So far, this month has been quite challenging. Technical difficulties have really affected things around here; mainly server uptime. Basically, the hard drive (SSD) the server runs on is acting up. We moved the server to a mechanical drive which is slower, but more reliable. Testing will prove if new components are necessary or if we can just replace the drive.

In other news, we are pleased to report that the server now have many new active members which contributes to keeping the server up and running. We are glad people take time out of their day to visit the server and play together. Happy Valentine's Day and enjoy your stay!

January 2016:

Welcome to the new year! With the 1.9 combat update just around the corner, the server has undergone many changes this month. New procedures are put into place to minimize outages to provide players with the 24/7 uptime promise we gaurantee. The Citizens plugin may be implimented this month providing it is compatible and works properly. We also try to keep your experience 100% Mindcrack style vanilla. This means no plugins that alter gameplay. Citizens can be used just to enhance gameplay by adding NPCs around spawn and such.

Lastly, we have been toying with the idea of opening the server to anyone wishing to join from the internet. We feel as though that might add some much needed activity to the server and make it more fun to play. However, a good process in which to interview and accept new members is still being drawn up so in due time, we shall see what happens.