About Crew Craft

About The Server

The Crew Craft Server started back in January 2014 as a fun idea amongst friends at my high school’s drama club. One day during our lunch break, I pitched the idea of a Minecraft server and many chimed in saying they would be interested. The server was established shortly after with the name Crew Craft since we were all in stage crew together.

The server started out back on version 1.7 and was completely vanilla. Many new players joined and we built a community around spawn. After 1.8 was released, the server was switched to Spigot to allow for backups, map rollbacks and a dynamic map.

Throughout the years, many new members have joined, and we opened the server to anyone wanting to join, not just friends of friends. This server has evolved a lot since its humble beginnings and who knows what is in the future! Thank you for taking the time to check out Crew Craft and we hope you enjoy your stay.

About Me

The Crew Craft Server has been a labor of love for me from the beginning. I started small with just basic knowledge of running a server but look how far we have come! I used to run the server on a spare laptop over WiFi. Now, it runs on a dedicated server in the server room I have in my basement. The server now runs Paper with some very awesome plugins to ensure security and enhance the survival Minecraft experience. I pride myself on keeping the server up and running on the latest version of Minecraft and the latest plugin versions.

What I love about Minecraft is how many of my hobbies overlap with it. Obviously, Minecraft as a game is entertaining and fun and as a long time player, I’ve always enjoyed it. Running my own server lets me share my love for the game with my friends and we can build together. I get to put industry standard IT practices into play like running a secure network and redundant hardware. As a computer science major, I also code my own plugins for the server, like CrewChat and SkipNight. I love the Minecraft community and the whole ecosystem of hobbies I share with it.