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Minecraft 1.14 Update Info

Posted on Aug 27, 2019 | By Matt | Tags: Minecraft Updates

As with any update to Minecraft, there is a bit of turnaround time from when Mojang releases the patch to when server software like Paper is able to produce a stable build. In addition, there are also sometimes longer turn around times for plugins as they can only create a new version once they have a server to test on.

This being said, 1.14 has been a rocky release from both Mojang and from a server administration standpoint. The initial release of 1.14 yielded quite poor performance, especially noticable with chunk loading. The server TPS, or ticks per second, slowed to a crawl when players would travel out into unexplored chunks, especially when flying with elytra. Mojang released 4 revisions to 1.14, landing us at a mostly stable 1.14.4. However, word is that there are still performance issues with chunk loading, despite improvements.

This is worrisome as it means the experience on the server could become quite undesirable, with rubber banding, inventory lag and the like becoming prevalent. Nevertheless, I am hard at work getting 1.14 ready for the Crew Craft Server. A lot of plugins had to be updated, including many of my own. In addition, there have been a lot of other developments happening, leaving us with 1.13 for quite a while. I cannot provide an exact release date yet, but I can say that it is immanent.