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First Minecraft 1.15 Snapshot

Posted on Aug 27, 2019 | By Matt | Tags: Minecraft Updates

When I first saw the pictures on my news feed, I thought it was just another fan creation, a funny post to check out. It turns out, this was not a drill. Mojang is adding bees to Minecraft!

Minecraft 1.15 Bees

Bees in Minecraft, who would have thought. Funny enough, I actually have a fear of bees, yet these creatures look cute and a little derpy. A welcome addition. I instantly shared the news with my moderator, who had previously been playing around with bee player heads in a test world of ours. He had the same reaction as me, thinking it was fake.

So bees in Minecraft are still a little basic right now, but there’s only been one snapshot so I expect more to come. Right now, bees will fly around to flowers, hover over them and gather pollen, then return to a nest or a hive to make honey. They will sting you when attacked and have the same pack AI as zombie pigmen. They actually die after stinging you as well.

Aside from the actual mob, you can use bottles to collect honey and shears to collect honeycombs from hives and nests. You can use honey as a food or to make sugar. You can use honeycombs to make hives. There seems to be a lot of potential to create a bee farm of some sort. They’ve also added the ability to put water into bottles via dispensers, which could be cool for automated potion brewing.

You can check out the update on Mojang’s site or watch a video by Xisumavoid about it here.