Crew Craft News

Just Some General Thoughts

Posted on Oct 21, 2019 | By Matt | Tags: Minecraft Servers

It has been a joy playing on CCS with everyone. I’ve had a blast watching and contributing as spawn has gone from a humble little camp fire to this culmination of everyone’s efforts. I’m happy to see how far we’ve come and excited to see how far we’ll reach.

I’m happy to see we have a few really dedicated members on the server and I’m hoping we can recruit a few more. I’m open to suggestions on how we can attract new members. Currently, we have a few posts on the forums and Minecraft server lists, but that is it. My hope is the SEO on the new website will also help direct people who search for survival MP servers to us.

SkipNight has been updated a bit to fix some of the bugs we’ve seen and a new set of messages will show when sleeping (or when you’re unable to sleep). CrewChat, the server’s chat plugin, has also been updated. You can mention players simply by using their in game name in chat. Discord integration has also been configured a bit better. There’s now a member group on the discord server to distinguish our members from anyone else who joins the discord server and with that, you can mention players in game and have it show up in Discord. Unfortunately, it does not work the other way around (yet). Last, I’ve added a plugin to pay respects to our fallen comrades. Can you guess what its command is?

In the coming weeks, I hope to develop my own version of the PlayerActivity and Sleep plugins I’ve been maintaining for quite a few years. I want to basically rewrite them from scratch so I can focus on learning how they work and adding APIs so other plugins can take advantage. I’d also like to finally finish the party chat feature of CrewChat. We shall see.

I hope everyone is enjoying the server and having a great spooky season!